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Protein Best Practices

Scitec is Europe's favorite sport nutrition and supplement company, creator of best selling bodybuilding and fitness products like 100% Whey Protein Professional, Jumbo Hardcore muscle gainer, Hot Blood pre-workout formula and Amino Xpress or BCAA Amino Acid power drinks.

For the best results, start your day with high protein low carb breakfast (eg: with a delicious Protein Pancake or Protein Coffee or a nutritious Whey Protein shake). As a best practice high protein food (whey protein, beef protein, milk or egg protein) should be consumed after each workout. Slow digestable Milk protein or Casein should be consumed before going to sleep or as a meal replacement.

Scitec NON GMO protein and fitness products will help you reach your best shape, no matter if your goal is to gain muscle, to lose weight, to get fitter or to simply live a healthier lifestyle